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Gutter Maintenance

Excessive water can be devastating to your home's foundation. By catching rainfall from your homes roof and directing the water away from your foundation, properly designed and functioning gutter systems can greatly reduce the risk of water damage to your home.

A Plus Handyman Services offers Dutchess County home owners a simple solution to keeping their homes water drainage system in tip top shape! Our gutter maintenance plans are an affordable way to prevent costly damage to your home do to improper drainage when it rains. Call us today to have your gutter system cleaned and inspected on a regular basis!

Gutter Maintenance Service Plans

  • Gutter Maintenance Plan 1
    One cleaning per year. We schedule this cleaning mid November to early December.
  • Gutter Maintenance Plan 2
    Two cleanings per year. We inspect and clean your gutters in early winter and again in spring. Most problems with gutter systems are caused by the expansion of freezing water during the winter months.
  • Gutter Maintenance Plan 3
    Three cleanings per year. Includes early winter and spring as well as a mid summer cleaning. Perfect for homes with trees such as the "Locus Tree" which tend to shed leaves during the summer months.